Friday, February 7, 2014

Day 2: Tried to Make Today Count

Today would have been my niece's 16th birthday. I've been thinking about her a lot this week and especially today. Thinking of Hayley also makes me think of her mom, my sister-in-law, Shelley. So, I texted Shelley to tell her I loved her and was thinking of her. 
She wrote me back and said that they were doing a special balloon release at 7:45pm tonight to honor the time when Hayley came into the world 16 years earlier. Knowing we couldn't be there, but wanting to be a part of this special celebration, I tried to think of what we could do all the way from Calgary. I looked at the emoticons in my phone and saw a balloon icon, as well as a snowflake icon (Hayley's special symbol is a snowflake) and decided to send the following message at 745pm to Shelley, my other sisters-in-law, my mother-in-law and Hayley's sister.
So thankful for technology that let's me participate in this special balloon release even when I live far away!
Love you, Hayley! Happy Sweet 16!

So, while I'm waiting for permanent residency I'm unable to work. This means my days are full of time. Time to do anything and nothing at the same time. I've watched several tv series in their entirety, seen plenty of movies and read quite a bit. I volunteer as often as possible but nothing quite fills up your day like an actual job. For now, my days tend to be very long.
Lately I've been staying up quite late and sleeping in. This is not something I'm used to doing and I've been feeling pretty lazy. So last night I made a point of going to bed "early" and actually woke up kinda "early" today.
When Clinton came home from work I told him the day was really long and I was glad he was home. He asked why it was so long and I told him it was cause I woke up earlier than usual. 
He: Oh yah? What time did you wake up?
Me: 9!
He: Wow, 9? You realize that's not early, right?
Me: Hey, when you have nothing to do all day every day, you'd think 9am was early too!
According to Clinton, I'm "living the life" right now. But I call it, "having too much time on my hands". :)

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  1. I'm so glad you're blogging again! I always enjoyed reading it before!

    I hate having nothing to do. I can feel your pain.