Saturday, February 8, 2014

Day 3: Hummm-dinger

It's simple, but I had to wake up early for a choir rehearsal this morning and I did not sleep well last night. Even though I had little sleep, when my alarm ding-donged its tune I was able to get out of bed quite easily and was able to get to my practice with about 10 minutes to spare.
Yay for alertness despite fatigue!

Ha ha:
So, I joined a "choir" here in Calgary cause I really missed singing. There's a whole story behind auditioning for this choir and at first I felt really flattered. I contacted the conductor and asked if I could audition. He told me to come to their practice that week, sing along and then if there was time I could audition. He sat near me during the rehearsal and after rehearsal was over he said, "If you want it, you're in." I felt so special that I got in with no audition!
Well, over the last couple months I have come to understand why I didn't require an audition. This choir kinda sucks. Maybe I've just been spoiled having participated in some really good choirs throughout my life, but honestly, this choir stinks. I got in with no audition because I can actually sing.
I feel like I could end the post here knowing you and I have both had a good chuckle, but there's more.
At last week's rehearsal the conductor had the pianist play the soprano's line of music. Very quietly to myself (notice the emphasis on "very") I hummed my part to make sure I matched what was being played. Two hums in the lady to my left let out a loud, "Shh!" Sure she couldn't be shushing me, I kept quietly humming. "Shh. Shh! SHH!, I can't hear!"
Baffled and befuddled at the realization I had just been shushed by a grown woman for softly humming, I looked at her in disbelief. Without looking at me she leaned over and said, "Sorry, I just can't hear the piano with you humming." I was too shocked to reply.
A few minutes later we had a break and she got up. I turned to my neighbor on the other side of me and said, "I just got shushed!"
"Yah," she said, "some people have a hard time hearing the piano when people hum."
I had to remind myself I was in a room of adults and not 13-year-old catty school girls.
If I hadn't already paid the $175 fee to sing in the two remaining concerts this season, I'd've taken my obnoxious humming elsewhere by now. Ha!
Update: I read the above haha to Clinton expecting a laugh-along from him.
He: Well, you know how I'm always saying you're talking or humming or whispering too loud?
Me: Oh, thanks.
He: I'm just sayin'. Now there's proof it's not just me that thinks you can be too loud at times.
Me: (humph)
Please, Lord, tell me I'm not as bad as this guy!

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