Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Day 7: We Pack a Pretty Lame Punch

Clinton didn't use the lunch I packed for him for today so now I don't have to pack a lunch for him tonight cause he can use the one meant for today. Yay!

Ha ha:
There's nothing really to do here. I mean it. When Clinton and I get out of the house with no real plans of what to do this is often what happens. (Here's an example from this last week.)

  • Went to Walmart to see if I could find a hoola-hoop (good exercise). They don't have them in stores yet. Instead I bought some travel mousse, a flushable wipe container for the second bathroom...cause you never know which bathroom you'll end up in, a chocolate milk for Clinton and a Diet Dr. Pepper for me.
  • We walked around the mall attached to Walmart then back out to our car.
  • We started to head home then decided we didn't want to yet, so we drove a ways up the road to see what we'd find.
  • We stopped at a local natural foods store just for the heck of it. Ate some samples then left.
  • Got some supper at Mr. Sub.
  • Got some chocolate almonds and Kellog's baked cheese crackers at Safeway.
  • Came home. Ate our treats and watched some TV.
  • Clinton went upstairs to study, I worked on some things on my computer and then wrote on my blog.
Did I mention we're a young couple with no children and THIS is how we spend our free time? Eee, I can't wait to see how lame we are when we DO have children. LOL.

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