Thursday, February 20, 2014

Day 14: Fourth Day in California--Sea World in San Diego

Another fun day. This one was extra fun because we met up with my brother, Anton, and his family at Sea World! We haven't seen them since last summer so it is so nice seeing them!
The weather was great and we had fun watching all the shows and riding the rides. Here're some pics from today.
(There was a whole acrobat show on top of the dolphin tricks...really neat!)
(Splash zone!)
(Waving to the audience at the end of the show.)
(Pretty but very smelly.)
(Petting the black bat manta rays.)
(Anton and I on the roller coaster. We had a good laugh at Anton's rather effeminate pose.)
(So close!)
(Victory! Felt just like a wet rubber mat. Pretty cool! I've pet a dolphin!)
(Beluga whales.)
(Waiting for a close up that never came. :)
All in all it was a pretty great day. We had lunch at In-N-Out and decided the burgers were fairly good but the fries were nasty. Clinton described them as tasting like oily sponges. Not worth it.
We had Chick-Fil-A for dinner and though they're still not our favorite they were much better here than in the Minneapolis airport (shudder).
Last but not least we also drove past the San Diego temple on our way into town. So pretty!
It's been great being with my brother and his family; looking forward to another day with them tomorrow!

We arrived at the San Diego military base and when we got to our room Clinton turned on the tv. And guess what was on...M.A.S.H! 
We thought that was pretty funny. :)

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  1. I looooooove Sea World! The dolphin show is my favorite! I could watch it hundreds of times. So beautiful. I'm sad that so many people are avoiding Sea World because that Blackfish ridiculousness. Sea World does so much good for animals and conservation. Glad you had a great time there!