Sunday, February 9, 2014

Day 4: Insights and Sightings

Kind of an interesting day. Today was the performance for the choir I joined here in Calgary. Fortunately for me, the house we're house-sitting is located only about 6 miles from the concert hall so instead of having to pay $20 for parking, Clinton was able to take me and pick me up. Plus it was -37 Celsius (windchill) so the close drop-off/pick-up was a big blessing!
The choir actually did better than I thought they would. I think the adrenaline of performing helped a bit, it still wasn't wonderful, but enjoyable for sure! I had a great time and performed to my heart's content. I guess I was so lively in fact, that quite a few total-strangers came up to me afterward and thanked me for my animated performance. They said I was so fun to watch, a great performer with a great voice. How nice are they? I had a small solo/duet in "People Will Say We're in Love" and really got to flirt with the audience. It felt good to sing and it felt good to know I was entertaining to the members of the audience.
I had one older couple flag me down and ask me how the choir found me. When I told them I found the choir they were amazed. :)
They asked if I performed in any other choirs and when I told them I don't, they said, "Not even church?"
Me: Oh, yah, but it's just a little church choir.
They: Which church is it?
Me: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
They: Oh, that's a lovely church. We went through there when they had their open house.
Me: Oh, the temple? Yes, it's very beautiful.
They proceeded to tell me every Mormon they knew in our area, especially those who are musically-inclined, and told me I needed to contact them and perform more often. Ha!

Ha ha:
Did you know that Jesus works at the Costco in NW Calgary? Neither did I.
Me: Clinton, oh my gosh. That guy looks just like church video Jesus.
He: A bit, yah.
Me: I have to get a picture.
He: No, that'll be weird.
Me: I'm doing it.
He: Well, if you must, wait till I'm not around. (Leaves)
I take a couple shots next to the grapefruits. Hoping for a straight-on, but ended up with profile instead. I go find Clinton to show him my paparazzi work.
Me: I couldn't get a good straight-on pic. It kept turning out blurry.
Clinton: Yah, I've heard it can be hard to get a good picture of Jesus.

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