Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Day 12: Second Day in L.A.--Disneyland

What a great day we had at Disney. Our bodies are a bit tired but we had a blast anyway.
The weather was wonderfully warm to start. It was a very busy day what with the holiday and all, but we got to go on most rides that we wanted.
There was a point during the Mr. Toad ride when a train light comes on--it looks like it's coming at you--anyway, Clinton was riding with Rennie and she cried out, "It's coming towards me!", before promptly ducking her head and closing her eyes. Clinton said it was hilarious! The ride is all painted pieces of cutout wood, nothing at all scary and she was scared. Too funny!
We also made it onto the Buzz Light Year ride and had so much fun. I rode with Rennie and she was so fun to ride with. I now know why my dad always wanted to ride with me; it's so fun to ride with someone who's laughing and screaming through the whole ride!
(My face is hilarious here.)
We made our way to the Mark Twain Riverboat Ride and really enjoyed the beautiful boat and scenery.
Oh, there was so much we saw and rode: The Monorail, The Railway, Jungle Boat, Mickey's Magic Map (awesome live musical), a brief snippet of Story Time's Beauty and the Beast, the fireworks, and Indiana Jones (the favorite of all three of us). I also rode the Mattahorn by my lonesome and thought it was great.
Overall, it was so nice to be here and enjoy the weather, sights and magic of Disney together.

Look at the gem of a mullet we got a close-up view of while waiting in line at the Buzz ride.
Disney...the mulletiest place on earth.

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