Friday, February 14, 2014

Day 10: It's a Bird...It's a Plane

Made it to California!!
After the ordeal and anxiety of waiting for and then miraculously getting my immigration papers, making it to California is truly a noteworthy post indeed.
Clinton and I brought his mom down outta the cold Alberta winter so she could feel what it's like to actually be in pleasant weather for once. The most "tropical" place she's ever been is Portland! She even saw a palm tree for the first time today! 🌴
We made it here sorta late, but not too late for a Taco Bell run. Oh, fresco bean burrito how I've missed you!

Yesterday Clinton and I were running some errands in preparation for our trip. As we rounded the corner for our turn we noticed this lady sitting slouched forward on a bus bench, her eyes glazed over and staring at nothing, her right arm bent, elbow on her knee and her middle finger in the upright/locked position--giving us (without looking at us), The Bird. 
We both noticed it at the same time and said, "Is she flipping us off?"
As her middle finger sustained its upward stance, we drove past laughing in disbelief.
Sorry disgruntled lady. Don't know who or what caused your ruffled feathers, but the image of your giving us The Bird so randomly only made us laugh.

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