Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Day 13: Third Day in L.A.--Conan

Well, today was another great day! When we woke up this morning to get ready for our trip Rennie said she was feeling pretty pooped and thought she'd just hang back at the hotel while Clinton and I went ahead to the show. She didn't want to have to ride a wheelchair but I couldn't just let her stay behind. So, I called the studio and asked what our options were for helping our group all stay together. They kindly offered us some special accommodation passes which included a shuttle ride directly to the studio doors.
We all thought this was a pretty sweet deal, that is until we realized it was an AMAZING deal. Not only were we given a ride to the studio, we were also given a guided tour of the whole WB Studios lot! So cool! Those tours typically cost $60/person and we got it for free!
Here are some of the highlights:
(This is Anytown USA, named this because it is used in many productions. This gazebo is where Harold Hill sings "Trouble" in Music Man and the church is used in Pretty Little Liars.)
(And this city hall is also from Music Man; it's where they started the "76 Trombones" musical number.)
(This house doubles as Ross and Monica Geller's house growing up. The scenes when Rachel and Monica are getting ready for prom were filmed here. This house is also Emily's house on Pretty Little Liars. Just behind the golf cart is the window the car drove through.)
(This is the Siever's house from Growing Pains.)
(This is the mayor's house in Music Man. This is also Toby and Jenna's house in Pretty Little Liars.)
(This is the manufacturing room where they make lots of things for movie sets, and the Oscar awards as you can see in the corner there.)
(This lamp is from the ship in Pirates of the Carribean.)
(Town sign from Suburgatory.)
(Largest sound stage in the Western Hemisphere. Inception, Perfect Storm and the Hangover movies are just a few filmed here.)
(WB water tower. It's being repainted.)
(Shoutout to Chels: this is where Friends was filmed.)
Because we came in on special terms, we also were able to take pictures of the set. It's so much smaller than it looks on tv.
We were in the second row right next to Andy's podium. He was about 3 feet away from us.
So much fun! We were even on tv for a split second just after Mel Brooks was announced. The audience starts cheering and the camera pans right to us. Kinda neat. 
The best part of it all was watching Clinton and hearing him cheer! He came into the studio and his first words were, "This is crazy. I can't believe I'm actually here." He wooed and laughed and smiled so much. I don't know which was more fun for me see, Conan or Clinton.

There's a clip they showed from The View of Barbara Walters talking about what she does on the weekends. Anyway, as she's talking the video "cuts" to the audience and a whole series of edited reactions are shown. They were obviously not accurate portrayals of her talking but just put in to be funny. Well, when we got back to the hotel tonight we were all laughing about the show and I mentioned this scene. Rennie laughs and says, "I thought that was funny too, but what was with those people crying? Why would they cry over that?"
I told her it was all fake and we had a good laugh...at her innocence.

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