Sunday, February 16, 2014

Day 11: First Day in L.A.

So, our first activity of the day was a trip to IHOP for some pancakes. So delish!
Next we went to Venice Beach. 
We walked down to the water and got some pics.
Well, then we decided that Clinton and I would venture further down the beach and my MIL would walk up to the bathrooms and then walk across and meet us on our way back. Before we separated I offered her my phone just incase. As you can guess she declined.
Meanwhile Clinton and I got some fun pics at the pier.
So, we finished at the pier and headed back. We made it back to the washrooms and didn't see Mum. So, Clinton and I split up and began looking for her. We searched for about 40 mins before I contacted the life guard on duty and asked for his help. I looked around for another 20 mins or so before I see her coming from the parking lot. Frantically I wave her down and she casually waves back. I call Clinton, relieved. 
I ask Mum where she's been and she said she was watching some people playing tennis but before that she was looking through the shops outside the beach. I told her we'd been looking for her and she said, I didn't know I was lost.
When Clinton finally came he reminded her what the plan was for getting back together and threatened a leash to keep her from wandering. We decided that no matter what, if we're going to separate she will take my phone next time! Lol
After the beach we drove around Santa Monica to enjoy the views before coming back to Hollywood. Outside the Hollywood Walk of Fame we stopped at a Starbucks to quickly use the bathrooms. As soon as we walked in the door I noticed one of Clinton's favorite actors from Conan.
He plays Artie Kindle, the theatre ghost crooner. He plays other characters as well and Clinton just thinks he's hilarious. Anyway, he was way super nice and Clinton was so cute about it; slightly star struck.
Then we made it out to the Hollywood Stars.
(Dick Dix...couldn't resist)
(A Conklin made it to the walk!)
And then we quick ran over to the Hollywood sign for the must-have tourist pic.
Lastly, we ran to Cafe Rio for a long-awaited first trip there for supper. So delish!
Minus the hour looking for my MIL, today was a GREAT day!

We stopped at the grocery store and happened upon this dog food.
Clinton and I weren't exactly sure if it was a good marketing idea or not. Why would you want to feed your dog from a brand named after a dog that DIED from rabies? Lol. Oh Disney, is there anything you won't try to make a dime out of?

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