Thursday, February 20, 2014

Day 15: Fifth Day in California--Coronado Island

What AMAZING weather we had today. I actually whipped out my shorts and my less-white-than-usual-legs thanks to self-tanner. The sun and cool breeze combo were ideal.
We hit the beach and played jump the waves (game Maddie created, object: jump over the waves...clever, no?) 
(Digging our feet deeper.)
We also walked around the cute town and had some Mexican food for lunch and some yummy ice cream afterwards.
(Picture of some famous hotel here.)
(Full view of the hotel.)
And we even had time to break a rule or two. ;)
Overall, it was a great relaxing day at the beach. :)

While we were sitting having lunch outside we heard Maddie and Sam almost chanting, "Pants on fire. Pants on fire. Pants on fire.", repeatedly behind us as they circled around an umbrella pole. It sounded almost creepy, like those creepy kids you hear in scary movies.
Anyway, once we caught what they were saying we started laughing as we imagined their chants getting progressively faster till suddenly their eyes opened wide into a creepy stare and someone's pants actually caught on fire.
Maybe you had to be there, but it was pretty funny.

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