Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day 385: Worth Every Penny

Clinton and I drove out to Cedarburg, Wisconsin on Saturday for the heck of it.  It's about 30 minutes away and it is an adorable town!  There are lots of cute little boutique-type shops to peruse and there's always some sort of outdoor event going on.  What a cute town!
We turned our trip into a scavenger hunt to put together a bird feeder for our backyard that will attract Cardinals for when my parents visit next month.  We made our purchases with success and enjoyed our time together in the meantime.  We came home, fixed supper and then veged on the couch for the rest of the night.
What a great Saturday!

Ha ha:
As I mentioned above, I love the little shops in Cedarburg.  There's this one little boutique (I think it's called Posh) that is all accessories...must-have-type accessories.  Fortunately for me, they were having a sale and I got the cutest pair of black stilettos for $10!!  Ready to be jealous??
I told you they were cute!

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