Sunday, July 29, 2012

Being Alone Can Be Really Draining

Clinton left for a Family Medicine Conference in Kansas on Thursday and got back yesterday afternoon.  I generally do OK while he's gone, but this time I felt a little lonely, I had to keep myself busy.  Fortunately for me, I had dinner with a friend Thursday night, dinner with another friend Friday night and ice cream with that same friend on Saturday!  These outings broke up the solitude and solidified some friendships too.  Anyway, yesterday I decided to clean my house.  I washed laundry, folded laundry and put away laundry.  I scrubbed my bathroom, made my bed, did some dishes, wiped down my kitchen, refilled the bird-feeder, straightened up my living room and went grocery shopping.  I was feeling pretty accomplished.  I noticed however that our bathroom sink was still totally plugged (has been for quite a while but I keep forgetting to contact our landlord).  I thought to myself, That's it.  You fix it yourself.  So, I went onto Youtube and found how to remove the stopper and pull out all of the goo.  It was probably the grossest thing I've done in a while, but after I stopped gagging and had my sink put back together and the drain clear, I felt awesome!  Go me!

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