Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day 380: Not What I Expected but a Welcome Surprise

Went to the dentist office yesterday.  When I went to pay my bill they told me it was $50 less than I had been quoted.  I asked what the credit was for and was told that Clinton paid for something that insurance typically doesn't cover, but their office received reimbursement from our insurance after all!  What a nice surprise!

Ha ha:
Clinton and I were having supper when a song came on the radio that totally sounded like the worst 80's elevator music ever!  I mentioned that it sounded like a bad lullaby, or something one might hear on Care Bears or something.
Me:  (trying to quote the Care Bear saying) Care Bear Cheer!
Clinton: (stopped chewing)  It's Care Bear Stare!  Not Care Bear Cheer.
I laughed and laughed that he knew the Care Bear saying better than I did (not the humble reaction he was hoping for).
I then told him that one of my favorite memories of him is of the time that he sang me the entire "I'm a My Little Pony Girl" song; high-pitched and with hand motions to boot.  So funny!

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