Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day 368: Meeting and Making History

Clinton and I drove down to Nauvoo, Illinois on Wednesday to see some of our church history.  The weather was bloody hot (over 100 degrees Fahrenheit) but it was really neat to know I was actually standing where so many important individuals from history once stood.  If anything, the weather made the experience all the more real to me.  I can't imagine working and living the lifestyles they did in weather so extreme.  It made me all the more grateful for our air-conditioned car and our air-conditioned hotel.
Here are some pics from Day 1 (We got there at about 4pm and everything was closed.  We didn't find out until the next day that there were celebrations going on in Carthage in commemoration of the 168th anniversary of the martyrdom of Joseph and Hyrum Smith.  We totally would have gone if we'd known, but went back to our hotel instead. :( )
 Nauvoo Temple
 Statues from the Monument to Women Garden
 Joseph & Emma
 Cultural Hall

Ha ha:
On our trip, our car made a very special milestone...

We had a countdown for about the last 10 miles or so.  We cheered, took a picture and then shrugged our shoulders.  Hey, this was pretty darn interesting compared to all of the many, MANY fields of corn we were driving through.

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