Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day 382: Temple Bag

Got to go visiting teaching tonight and see all but one of our sisters (unfortunately, one of our three had a puking child and advised us to avoid her home...but I'm praying their cute little girl feels better soon!) One of our sisters is preparing to go through the temple for the first time next month.  This is something she is taking very seriously and wants to make sure she is really ready for it.  My companion (who is a temple worker herself) and I got to talk about the wonderful blessings and feelings that come from the temple.  I got to share with her what I felt the first time I went through the temple and what I strive to feel each time I go now.  I wasn't exactly expecting it, but when I talked to her about how the purpose of the temple is to bless us mentally, physically and spiritually, I couldn't help but feel the spirit.  I had a really sweet moment there and it just reaffirmed my testimony that the work performed in the temples of God is vitally important and real.
She is very excited to go and I can't wait to be there with her next month!

Ha ha:
I ordered a purse online at the beginning of the month--it was basically everything I was looking for in a bag and more.  I was nervous it's wasn't "trendy enough" but after consulting a couple of my more-fashionforward friends, I bought it.
After a much anticipated seven days, my bag arrived today!! (insert triumphant trumpet)
I giggled when I saw the box and quickly ran inside to open it.
I cut the tape, pulled on the tab and opened the lid...(insert fog horn)
(Though it may appear to be okay-looking, trust me it's U-G-L-Y!)
What a piece of crap!  Not anything like pictured online (black scuff marks all over and red rope sticking out of one of purse straps).  Fortunately for me, I can return the bag for free (I'll just have a credit on that website, but that's fine).  Ugh, seriously, this bag is only appropriate for the leathery-tanned, Mary-Kay-caked, poodle-in-a-purse-carryin' old ladies.  I brought it out to Clinton for his opinion and he said, "Um, what are you 90 and getting onto an airplane with your carry-on?"  Yah.  It's that bad.  Ha ha!


  1. Haha! I'be got to see a picture of that!

  2. No picture of it? I want to see the old lady bag!!

  3. Bet the bag was dragged across the floor by a little old lady as she carried her little poodle through the airport to her flight to Las Vegas for a Mary Kay Convention! (She promptly returned the bag for a full refund just in time for you to order it up!) Yup, I bet that's what happened! Love, Mom