Friday, July 6, 2012

Day 377: Busy B (B is for Bum)

Things were so busy at work today that the day flew right by!  If I have to be at work, that's the way to do it!  Helloooo, weekend!!

Ha ha:
It's been so hot here lately (over 100 degrees and really humid for about 5-7 days straight) that this is how we find Peter most of the time...
We got his hair cut really short last night and he's been much more active, but he doesn't like how his bum is exposed; every time he stands up he sits back down really quickly.  We ask him if his bum feels uncomfortable and he looks at us all concerned-like, takes a couple steps towards us, sits back down for a second and then runs to us and sits down.  It's pretty entertaining.

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