Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Day 373: Back to the Grind and Grill

Monday morning after 4 days off from work?  Let's just say it took 3 snoozes, an extra 10 minutes just laying in bed and about 20 minutes of prayers asking for help to get up with a good attitude.
I'm happy to report that I made it to work and had a pretty decent day...despite the fact that I was stuck in an office and back to the grind. :)

Ha ha:
As I've mentioned before, I eat the same exact thing for lunch every day: a huge salad and 2 grilled cheese sandwiches (that I make with the sandwich-maker I keep under my desk) with ketchup.  I cook my sandwiches and eat them right around the same time every day.  I do this every day.  And every day, the same people walk by and ask what smells so good and every day I tell them it's my sandwiches.  Then they say, "again?" and I say, "Yep.  Every day."
Is my daily lunch pattern that hard to follow? 

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