Friday, July 6, 2012

Day 376: Hot Mess

See below.  Fortunately for me, I had a spare water bottle in my drawer.  What a great little miracle!

Ha ha:
I had a doctor's appointment yesterday over in the hospital, the kind that (ahem) requires you to undress from the waist down.  I took my purse so I could pay my bill, and my water bottle out of habit.  When my appointment was over, I grabbed my purse and walked out the door and all the way back to my desk (about a 10-minute walk).  I spoke with several people on my way back and ran a couple small errands.
When I got back to my desk, I realized I'd forgotten my water bottle, called the clinic, they found it and set it aside for me to pick up later.
All the extra running around made me realize I needed to use the restroom, so down the hallway I went (again, saying hello to people as I passed them).  When I got into the stall, I unbuttoned my pants and reached to undo my was already down!  I'd never zipped my pants back up after my doctor's appointment!  I had spoken with and said hello to about 10 different people and my zipper was down the whole time!  How embarrassing!
Well, I did my deed and headed back to my desk to grab my mug for some hot cocoa.  I went back down the hallway, filled up my mug with hot water and then came back to my desk to add my cocoa.  Now, I was sorta distracted thinking about everything going on that day and overfilled my mug like I usually do.  However this time I snapped the lid on--something I don't do until I've drunk it down a bit--and ended up splashing hot chocolate all over my desk and my WHITE pants. (sigh)
What's the moral of the story?  I've not a clue...perhaps if I'd had one I wouldn't have been such a mess...literally!
This is AFTER I totally wet down my pants and used my Tide Stain-Remover pen.  
I am such a winner.

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