Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day 370: What Happens in the Dark

I forgot to post these from our trip to Carthage.  These are pictures from the Dungeon Cell (actually upstairs).  This is where John Taylor was hid until the mob dispersed after killing Joseph and Hyrum.
Here is one of the two windows in the room.  They really didn't make much of a difference for light.  The walls were 3 feet thick!
I sat in this room for about 10 minutes while the other tour group finished their tour.  The guide and I sat on little benches and shared our testimonies of the restoration with each other.  It was a special experience to do so in such a sacred place.

Ha ha:
Here are a few recent pictures of Peter and his snuggling with us.
He loves us so much!...but, I guess it's mutual. :)

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