Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day 384: I Feel Old

We went out with some friends to celebrate my friend Kim's 25th birthday (yes, I'm the oldest of my friends here) on Friday. We met at a local restaurant/bar and at like 9pm (her choice).  The music was super loud and my throat hurt after a while from having to yell to converse, but I still had a great time!  Happy Birthday Kim!
As I've mentioned many times before and as I will continue to do, I am so thankful for great friends here.  Living far away from family is hard, but knowing that I have a great support system here makes it that much easier.  Love you girls!

Ha ha:
When Clinton told me it was time to leave (at about 8:50pm), I looked up at him like, "Seriously?  It's so late!"  I'm so old.
When we got to the bar I couldn't believe how loud it was in there.  I wish'd I brought some ear plugs or something.  I'm so old!
Right around 10 o'clock I started to feel really tired and was ready to head home and go to bed.  I knew it was a bit too early so I stuck it out another 45 minutes before tugging on Clinton's arm.  He turned to me, looked at his watch and said, "It's not even 11 on a Friday night.  I don't want to go home yet."  I'm so old (and Clinton's older than me).
When we wrapped up the night and sent the birthday girl on her way back home, I got into our car and instantly closed my eyes.  I'm soo old.
When we got home I promptly fell asleep and slept till almost 10am the next morning.  I'm old AND pathetic!

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  1. oh please you are so old, yea right. i probably won't be able to make it out of the door.