Sunday, September 30, 2012

Day 1: Serving Up More of the Stuff You Love

A couple weeks ago in church, the Sunday school lesson brought up the topic of journal writing.  How it's so important that we keep a record of our lives so that we can look back at our blessings and so that our children will have a better understanding of who we are/were.  This got me thinking that I really needed to start writing again.  So, here goes Round 2 of writing a little something each day.

Ha ha:
I will preface this story by saying that this idea is ours and if anyone tries to steal it, we will come after you and sue.  Now, with that said, enjoy!
I was making toast this morning and Clinton came into the kitchen...
He:  What'cha makin'?
Me:  Toast.
He:  Toast, huh?  Wouldn't it be great to open a restaurant that was just about toast?  You could have any option for toppings, any sort of bread, different butters, etc. and people could make any kind of toast they'd ever want!
Me:  Uh, sure.  What would you call the restaurant?
He:  (without skipping a beat)  "I'd Like to Make a Toast"
I have been laughing about it all day.  He is just too funny!

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