Monday, August 27, 2012


The other day I was talking to one of the mail ladies at work; we were commiserating about the drama we were both dealing with in our jobs.  Trying my best to be positive I said, "Well, I wish you lots of suc-sex...I mean suc-cess!"
She laughed and then said, "Well, I wouldn't mind having more of that too.  It's been a while!"
Feeling pretty embarrassed and awkward, I sorta laughed and then said, "Oh, well, ok then.  Bye." and then I grabbed my cart and left.

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  1. So last night at the Republican Convention, I swear Ann Romney made the same mistake! She said Romney was sexsessful and then stumbled a bit and said successful. Quite a funny mixup! It's been awhile since I've read your blog. :( I am lame. And I was said to see all the aha, haha stuff gone. I'm glad you are still blogging though. You are a funny writer and I enjoy reading your blog!