Tuesday, August 14, 2012

All Things Peter

Hello, my name is Danielle and I absolutely LOVE...my pup (of course I love my husband too, but this post is all about Petey)!  I've put together a bunch of pictures and videos of him and thought I'd post here for record's sake.  Enjoy!

 This is how I found Peter after I heard him licking out my cup...little stinker
Peter's New Trick

 On the way to Wisconsin from Oregon and Peter was the most comfortable of all of us!

 Look at his ear. :)

Peter and his new toy

 So pooped.

 Surrendering to "adorable"

Peter gets a new bed and thinks it's a chew toy.

Apparently one shouldn't come between Petey and a rawhide.  Sorry Dexter!
 Family Photo in Door County Wisconsin (yes, this is supposed to be silly)
 We took Peter to a kennel two years ago while we were gone over Christmas and were emailed this photo.  Seems Santa is no respecter of species.

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