Sunday, June 21, 2009

Much needed update

Okay, so I saw Allison Ebert at Winco last week and told her that I was going to update my blog by Sunday so here we are, 8pm on Sunday. I don't think this will be too interesting, but at least you can all be updated on my life (no matter how boring it may be:)

Well, for my birthday (back in March) Clinton bought me a ticket to go see Wicked! I've seen it once before but it was tons of fun to go with people who hadn't seen it before. I love that musical!!!

Later, after the show, we made a trip to Papa Haydens for some delicious desert. Three of us ordered the same $8 dessert and mine was a little misshapen, so they gave it to me for free!! So, I paid for the $5 fries instead ;)

(Christine Partna, Becki Brallier, Heather)

(me & Daya)

A couple months ago Clinton and I went up to a "cabin" in Government Camp. It snowed over 2 feet that night and we actually had to dig ourselves out the next morning. Here are some pictures of the "cabin".

Looking outside the window
This place was AMAZING!! It had 4.5 bathrooms, 2 fireplaces, a wrap around balcony, a ginormous living area and 2 beautiful bedrooms upstairs and about 4 bedrooms downstairs. We had lots of fun and snow there!! Here are a couple videos that might make you swoon a bit:)

Anyway, this place was gorgeous! I had a video of the whole place, but I can't seem to locate it. I'll post it when I find it.

Okay, so on May 1st my best friend from forever ago went to the temple and was sealed to her husband and daughter. I was so glad to be able to be there. I know she and I have been waiting for this for so long...maybe her more than me, but boy was I excited for them!!
Melissa, Andy and Bailey

Well, I have one more post that I'll be doing after this, but I think this kinda catches me up for the last few months since I posted last. Anyway, Allison, here ya go!


  1. Hey a picture of me that I'm NOT sticking my tongue out or making a stupid face. That in itself is blogworthy.

  2. I'm jealous about the cabin and SOOOOO happy for Melissa & Andy!! Plus, jealous that you got to go to see Wicked. So I guess overall I'm just jealous of everyone!! :)

  3. Becki, when I was writing the post, before I looked closely at the pictures I was using, I actually had written. "And here's Becki. I don't know why any of us can't ever get a serious picture of her!" Well, then I looked at the picture closely and had to just post your name instead!! LOL! It is a very cute picture by the way.

  4. Ha ha! Thanks for the shoutout! And after all that I was so busy that I didn't even get to check your blog until today! I'm so jealous about Wicked! We were going to get last-minute tickets but then we all wound up sick, so maybe next time it comes through I'll actually get to see it. And I see why you call it a "cabin"!

  5. I love that you took a video of the microwave. It was pretty cool. That cabin was GORGEOUS!!

  6. I love that of all the things in the cabin the video you posted was of the make me laugh.