Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Memorial Day

In typical, non-memorial fashion, Clinton and I spent the day outside enjoying the warm sun and less of the quiet contemplation of those whose lives were lost for the sake of this country. Well, that isn't completely true. I did try to think (while I was paddle-boating) of the freedoms I was able to enjoy that day (well, not exactly "free"...it cost us $11 dollars), that have become available to me because of the men and women who stood tall for our country. I actually felt proud as I walked around and smelled the b-b-qs roasting hot dogs and hamburgers, that there was such a large group of different people coming together at one park, in harmony to enjoy the holiday. It was peaceful, relaxing, and beautiful (except for the pantyliner we found floating in the water.) Anyway, I have included a couple little videos and some pictures from our Memorial Day.

(As sarcastic as all that sounded, I really am thankful to all the veterans out there. I have had many people in my family serve in the armed forces and I in no way intend on belittling the importance of this holiday.) Thank you vets!

Beautiful day!

Shh! Don't wake him! He just had too much fun.

Funfact: Some might be surprised to know that I actually don't turn to dust when I go into sunlight.

Who was smart and wore sunglasses? Hummm?

Still sleepy.

What is that I see? A bird, a plane? No, a pantyliner!


  1. Is this THREE posts in a few days time?! What?! This must not be Dani I'm reading about ;) Glad you had fun! I'm never surprised by the things seen at Blue Lake. Did you take it home as a souvenir?? Kevin and I need to go with the kiddys sometime. Paddle boating is FUN!

  2. Danielle, I never got to say congratulations on Clinton getting into school. I heard some good things about Wisconsin. I'm glad everything is working out for you guys!! Good luck :)

  3. what lake is this? and I love how Clinton just looks at the camera tries to think of something witty to say and has nothing so looks away.