Friday, December 12, 2008

It's About Time!

Well, I need to repent. It has now been almost a month since my last post, however, as an excuse, I would like to offer that I have been preparing for and taking finals during that time and really found it hard to give up 30 minutes of my studying time to write on my blog about nothing. So here goes. During the last 30 days I have...
  • Finished finals (so far receiving A's in all of my classes (ahem hem hem hem))
  • Done Taebo workouts and have really enjoyed getting all that built-up aggression out of my system.
  • Started an infertility group and blog.
  • Seen Twilight twice (I'm going again with my sister this next week;)
  • Performed in Mt. Hood Community College's Chamber Choir and was embarrassed to be there. (You'd think that for a college audition-based choir they would be good. Nope! They are terrible. In fact, the next time you see me, ask me to do an impression of the choir director. Even if you are not a singer you'll be able to decipher how terrible he is.)
  • Almost finished the basement project, but that WILL get done this Christmas break.
Sadly, I think that is all I have done. I really need to get moving on this whole blogging thing, but I just don't know what to write about. Maybe I'll just start putting some random thoughts or funnies and perhaps they'll inspire some brilliant insight from yours truly.

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  1. What project are you working on? When are you moving to Wisconsin? Warning: it's freaking cold here in the midwest to be prepared! Hope all is well!